Somalia Facts:

General Info:

Country Name - Somalia {in English}
Capital - Mogadishu
Other Names - Jamhuuriyada Demuqraadiga Soomaaliyeed, Soomaaliya, Somali Republic, Somali Democratic Republic
Location - Borders Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean
Continent Located On - Africa


Population - It has about 10.11 million people
Birth rate - It has about 43.7 births per 1,000 people
Death rate - About 15.55 deaths per 1,000 people
Literacy - People that are age 15 and older can read and write

Fun Facts:

  • Oral poetry is important to the Somali culture?
  • When guest come to have dinner/lunch/breakfast with the family, the men and women eat separately?
  • It has no written language?
  • Most Somalians will only live to their late 40's?
  • It has no legal system?

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